Fighting With My Writing: Reservations and Resolutions

Every so often, when my creative well has run dry, I get discouraged about my writing. I understand (from my community of writing friends and my shelf of craft books) that this is fairly common among the creative. Even if you’ve experienced writing/publishing success in the past, its not unusual to feel like a fraud wondering … More Fighting With My Writing: Reservations and Resolutions

Keep Your Story Straight with a Story Bible

This article was co-written by Sarah Parke and Elizabeth Beechwood. Some writing projects require a lot of research, particularly novels that incorporate mythology, historical research, or invented languages. If you’re working on a novel and finding yourself drowning in story details, you may want to create a Story Bible. A Story Bible collects all the … More Keep Your Story Straight with a Story Bible

Running and Writing

For me, writing is all about sprints, while making a living as an author is a marathon. Stick with me as I unpack this extended metaphor a bit… Writers, like runners, have to build strength and stamina through (writing) exercises, diet (of quality reading material), and specialized training (in the form of workshops and writing … More Running and Writing

The next chapter…

The site has a new, more responsive look and color scheme. Let me know what you think! This past weekend I completed the requirements for my MFA and completed another step in my journey to become a professional writer. The past few months have been full of life changes for me–from planning a wedding and starting a new job, … More The next chapter…