This page features a diverse selection of my writing samples available online.


I have over ten years’ experience writing effective and engaging copy for marketing, fundraising, and educational purposes.

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“Getting a Read on It,” The Writer, July 2015.  Read Online HERE

Based on research and experience teaching an adult writing workshop, this article features practical advice on how to create an adult writing workshop in a community of your choice.

Short Stories

“The French Disease,” Issue 9: Alternate History, Speculative City, October 12, 2020. http://www.speculativecity.com/fiction/thefrenchdisease/

(Guest) Blog Posts

“Women in History: The Bookcase of the Bronte Sisters,” Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! March 31, 2017. Blog.  Read Online HERE


The Mourning Ring (YA Fantasy, November 2016)