The next chapter…

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This past weekend I completed the requirements for my MFA aCIMG4425nd completed another step in my journey to become a professional writer. The past few months have been full of life changes for me–from planning a wedding and starting a new job, to completing the MSS from my YA novel.

I’ll be writing about my MFA experience in more depth once I’ve had some time and distance to process everything, but I am so glad I invested the time and money in myself and earned my MFA. I met so many amazing, generous writers and built a writing community that will continue to encourage and develop me for years to come.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a three part series called “From Mrs. to MFA” about my experiences planning an intimate wedding, revising my novel MSS, and completing my MFA.

Until then, I’ll be researching agents on Publisher’s Marketplace.


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